Services external

Through our experience Linder Engineering has found external companies that provide services to a similar quality and standard as ourselves.

Heat Treatment

We can arrange all necessary heat treatment as are required to meet our customers requirements. These include Stress Relieving, Annealing, Hardening & Tempering, Flame & Induction Hardening, Case Hardening, Nitriding, etc.

Hard Chrome Plating

Either as a surface finish for hard wearing surfaces or as a superior reconditioning technique we can organise hard chrome plating, as well as performing all pre and post operations.

Gear Cutting

Manufacture of specialised gears, especially print gears (both spur and helical), requires precision in both the gear blank manufacturing process and subsequent gear cutting. We machine all our gear blanks in-house and then arrange precision gear cutting.

Dynamic Balancing

While Linder Engineering uses techniques that result in a high degree of balance in our finished products, there are situations however that require higher precision balancing. This can be arranged if necessary complete with balance certificates.

Specialised Material

Linder engineering has a number of specialised engineering material suppliers, we can source a range of materials including many special steels, aluminium, plastics, etc. We can arrange pattern manufacture for castings in both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.