Services in-house

Turning: CNC, Manual & Hybrid

From 1 to 1000s our range of machines ensures that we can match a machine to your requirements. Our extensive range of tooling all us to perform all common turning operations.

Milling: Manual

Our large mill is especially suited for work on large rollers or long shafts. Both our mills have digital readouts complete with hole pitching functions.

Grinding: Cylindrical

Our large grinder is equipped with a range of grinding wheels allowing us to grind all manner of steels, from mild steel to heat treated alloys. We have extensive experience in high tolerance print air mandrel grinding.

Welding: Oxy, Arc & Mig

We have experience in medium duty welding of carbon, alloy & stainless steels. Heat shrinking and follow up welding is a common operation.


All types, internal.

Material Store

To assist us with quick turn around work Linder Engineering maintains a comprehensive range of steel in-house. Our stocks include Black K1045 to120 diameter, Black K1020 to 300 diameter, selected Hollow Bar, and a range of Bright Mild Steels. Heavy wall Aluminium extrusion from 100 to 230 diameter suitable for print roller manufacture along with solid Aluminium to 210 diameter is also stored. Cutting facilities to 300 mm diameter are available in-house.